Flower Studio


"From year to year I generate ideas, knowledge and experience connected with floristry and phytodesign, passing through myself the information from international seminars, workshops; share my views on this or that technique, bring my ideas, create something new, give trial runs and impart knowledge to my students. I am against copies even if they are 99% close to the original, any copy has no soul, the one that the master puts into his creation and that gives him the opportunity to glow from within. Do not try to copy my creations and works technically, it is enough to reflect on invaluable material and to transform it in your own way with the unique soul put into it by the master".

           Slava Rosca

Floristry vocational school

Our task is to show the variety and beauty of this world, so that you can find and learn more about yourselves in the world of flowers. Here you will be completely absorbed by fascinating activities that extend the horizons of consciousness. The work with our florists under the guidance of Slava Rosca, as well as a friendly and positive attitude, makes the process of learning everything new dynamic and highly productive! School of floristry "Slava Rosca" is a completely new approach to art. We teach to love natural material, to look around you and to see what surrounds you in a new way. Our unusual classes will help to take a fresh look at the world, to paint it with unique colours, to express your thoughts and feelings in bouquets and arrangements, to develop original thinking.




Wedding floristry

A wedding bouquet, a boutonniere and the decoration of the room... this day we want everything to be perfect! Studio "Slava Rosca" creates incredible designs of decorations with fresh flowers. All the arrangements are uniquely designed work that you will never see anywhere. A wedding consists of details and we put our heart in them: planning, working and drawing sketches. Your wedding is the work of professional florists, artists and decorators. What makes us different from others? Everything is very simple - we work for you. We make what you want to see. We can listen and we hear your wishes. The works that you get are your thoughts, feelings and fantasy!

Studio "Slava Rosca"

Studio "Slava Rosca" deals with exclusive floristry. We create incredible floral decorations for weddings, corporate and anniversary parties and other festivities. "Slava Rosca" online shop delivers exclusive branches of flowers in Moscow and Moscow region within a short time. All flower baskets, bunches of flowers and floral arrangements represent exclusive uniquely designed floristry and they are arranged only from fresh high quality flowers from Europe, Asia and South America. If you want to buy a bunch of flowers in winter, there is no need to worry about the safety of the arrangement as the delivery of flowers in Moscow is carried out in a special cover. You don’t know what kind of present to choose for a celebration or do you just want to express your innermost feelings to your loved one? There is nothing more pleasant than to receive wonderful flowers as a gift. Make your closest people feel happy and our shop will gladly help you to do it.